Sales Recognition

Go beyond the same, tired, generic, lookalike sales recognition awards. Recognize the efforts and achievements of your salespeople with custom awards that also reflect the unique aspects of your business – and your brand.

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KFC Custom Award

Custom Lucite Award designed for Yum! Brands. Headquarterd in Louisville, Kentucky, Yum! Brands operates restaurants globally, including Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC.

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Florida Beer Glass

Custom sales award featuring beer glass designed for Florida Distributing Company, based in Orlando

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Logo-Themed Crystal Sales Achievement Award

Crystal sales achievement award designed for the fintech firm Marqeta.

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Custom Sales Award with Pewter Medallion

Custom Lucite sales award incorporating a pewter medallion.

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Logo-Themed Metal and Crystal Sales Award

Logo-themed custom crystal award designed in metal and crystal.

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Solar-Themed Employee Recognition Award

Solar panel-themed employee recognition award.

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Cumulus Microphone Award

Employee achievement award with miniature microphone given at a conference held by Cumulus Media. Atlanta-based Cumulus is the owner and operator of radio stations nationwide.

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Pepsico Team Recognition Award

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Ikea “Store of The Year” Sales Awards

Custom Lucite awards recognizing Ikea “Stores of The Year”.

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