Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Joint venture commemoratives can serve a vital function, not only in celebrating agreements, but also in reinforcing the partnership’s shared mission and goals. Check out some examples below.

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Corporate Partnership Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorative recognizing the 10-year partnership in affordable housing between Conifer Realty and Red Stone Equity Partners.

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Solar-Themed Crystal Team Award

Solar-themed team award recognizing the partnership between PE Solar and Mosaic.

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Crystal Commemorative for Real Estate Partnership

Custom crystal commemorative celebrating a partnership involving a mixed-use real estate project. The Atlanta-based Modera will be a five-story, 320-unit complex.

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Data Acquisition Joint Venture Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the establishment of Blueberry, a joint venture company uniting data acquisition firms HBK and DEWESoft.

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Lucite tombstone marking the launch of Blueberry, a joint venture between data acquisition firms DEWESoft and HBK .

Pharma Collaboration Crystal Commemorative

Crystal commemorative recognizing a collaboration involving Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medicine for All Institute.

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Shell-Nexus Circular Recycling Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating an oil vial, celebrating a recycling agreement between Shell and Atlanta-based Nexus Circular. The agreement centers on the recycling of landfill-bound plastics into oil and wax for the production of new plastics. (22AZH295)

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Lucite deal toy, incorporating an oil vial and a plexi base in the shape of Georgia, commemorating a recycling agreement between Shell and Atlanta-based Nexus Circular. Side view of Lucite deal toy, with a laser-cut plexi base in the shape of Georgia, and an embedded oil vial.

Tooth-Themed Dental Partnership Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorative celebrating a strategic partnership involving New Jersey-based Riverside Oral Surgery. (22AZH222)

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a joint venture centered on a charging network for battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The partners for the EV network are Daimler Truck, BlackRock, and NextEra Energy. (22AZH233)

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Crystal Real Estate Partnership Commemorative

Custom crystal marking the partnership between real estate development partners Urby and Brookfield Property Group.

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