Lucite & Acrylic Commemoratives

Lucite & Acrylic: Your Choice for Distinctive and Enduring Commemoratives

If you’re looking for acrylic commemoratives that will stand out from the usual generic, off-the-shelf, prefab products, Lucite may be your ideal choice of material. Lucite is a high-grade acrylic that can bring the kind of custom touches to your commemoratives that will give it cachet and high perceived value among recipients.

You can place objects inside Lucite, opening up an almost infinite range of creative design possibilities. For instance, among the commemoratives featured here you’ll find:

  • A commemorative marking FDA approval of a new cancer drug—and incorporating an actual vial of that drug.
  • A unique gift celebrating Coca-Cola’s partnership with a university that incorporates an authentic Coca-Cola bottle.
  • A Lucite design honoring the post-hurricane relief efforts of emergency workers which contains a strand of the wire they used to restore power.

In addition, Lucite is highly malleable, and can also match colors precisely. This will allow you to meet the logo branding requirements of your company or organization.

The Corporate Presence has designed acrylic commemoratives for launches ranging from software to podcasts to FDA-approved drugs and treatments; and for openings ranging from college buildings to wind farms to Broadway musicals.

Want to see what we can do for your organization?

Custom Sales Award with Pewter Medallion

Custom Lucite sales award incorporating a pewter medallion.

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Custom Commemorative for Patent Application

Custom Commemorative for Patent Application

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Drug Vial Embedment Celebrating FDA Approval

Custom Lucite with an embedded drug vial commemorating FDA approval of ELAHERE. Developed by ImmunoGen, the drug was granted accelerated FDA approval as a treatment for ovarian cancer. (23AKL266)

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Princeton Football 150th Anniversary Commemorative

Lucite commemorative marking the 150th anniversary of Princeton football.

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Custom Lucite with Drug Vial

Custom Lucite with Drug Vial

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Bitcoin-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the successful Chapter 11 restructuring of bitcoin miner Core Scientific. The firm has blockchain and AI data centers in five states. (24AZH040)

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Side view of Lucite deal toy marking the successful emergence from bankruptcy of Core Scientific. The Texas-based firm's shares have been relisted on Nasdaq.

Ring Box-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating the acquisition of a majority stake in Benzinger. The German company manufactures turning and milling machines for precision parts, and is used in such industries as jewelry, watchmaking, optics, and for dental and medical applications. (24LJW003)

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Top view of lucite financial tombstone marking the acquisition by Syngroh Capital of lathing and milling equipment manufacturer Benzinger. Side view of ring box-themed deal toy.

Hardhat-Inspired Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone, incoporating a construction hardhat, celebrating the launch of Verdian Power. The independent power producer will focus on the design, construciton, and operation of renewable energy plants in Europe. (24LNL038)

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Custom Lucite deal toy commemorating the launch of European power provider Verdian. The company will focus on solar photovoltaic and wind power plants in Europe.