Building Replicas

Our expertise in replicating buildings spans a variety of media and techniques. See what’s been done for real estate deals and financings, building dedications, and groundbreakings.

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Crystal Real Estate Deal Toy with 3-D Etched Building

Crystal real estate toy, featuring 3-D laser-etching of building, commemorating a tender offer by Damac Real Estate Development.

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Restaurant Chain Deal Tombstone

Building replica deal tombstone marking the acquisition of Tex-Mex restaurant chain Bueno Taco. The 177-unit chain was purchased by San Francisco-based private equity firm TPG.

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Restaurant-themed deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Tex-Mex chain Bueno Taco. Headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas, Bueno Taco operates in 7 states and has 177 units.

Building Replica Deal Toy

Custom deal toy designed after the Sydney, Australia headquarters of real estate trust Stockland. The piece commemorates Euro bonds issued by the company and earmarked for environmentally-friendly projects.

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Hospital Building-Themed Green Bond Tombstone

Financial tombstone, featuring a hospital building replica in crystal, celebrating the successful placment of “green” bonds by the Insel Group. The hospital network is based in Switzerland. (23LNL167)

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Side view of custom crystal hospital building replica.

Skyscraper-Themed Lease Execution Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy celebrating a lease agreement for 83,403  square feet of office space located at 1345 Avenue of The Americas in New York City. (23AKL259)

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Side view of crystal deal tombstone commemorating a lease agreement involving investment management platform Brevard Howard. Back view of financial tombstone recognizing a lease agreement for two floors of 1345 Avenue of The Americas in New York City.

Blackstone Building Portfolio Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating refinancing of Blackstone’s Spanish multifamily property portfolio. (23LNL072)

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Secondary Fund Transaction Deal Toy

Mill-themed crystal deal toy marking the sale of an investment in Equitix Fund III. The fund invests in both UK and Italy in the areas of social infrastructure, transportation, environmental services, and renewables. (22LJW114)

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Blackstone-Allianz Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Allianz Real Estate of a portfolio of buildings in Madrid. The seller was Testa Residencial, a Spanish REIT owned by Blackstone. (22LSS092)

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Tower Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of a 25-story, Grade A commercial property on Al Maryah Island in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (22LJW175)

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Top view of crystal deal toy celebrating the acquisition of a 4-tower commercial property in the UAE.