Collaboration and teamwork are vital to the success of your organization. Recognize team members with a permanent reminder of their contribution, whether it’s in research, product development, training, sales, IT, logistics, or any other functional area.

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Patent Litigation Commemorative with Team Photograph (Top View)

Custom Lucite commemorative recognizing the litigation team in a successful patent infringement judgment.

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Team Award for Harvard Case Competition

Crystal award celebrating the victory by a team from Auburn University in the 2023 Global Case Competition. More than 175 college teams competed in the Harvard University event. (23AZH131)

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Merck Clinical Study Commemorative

Crystal commemorative recognizing team members in a first in-human clinical study of an anti-tumor therapy.

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Owl-Themed Office “Spirit” Award

Owl-themed custom Lucite recognizing the “most spirited office”. (23ALJ194)

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Side view of owl-inspired Lucite spirit award.

Corporate Team Recognition Crystal

Custom crystal, listing team members, recognizing contributions to a corporate partnership.

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IDB Crystal Team Award

Crystal team award recognizing employees at IDB

(Inter-American Development Bank. 9ALJ216)
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Zaxby’s App Launch Commemorative

Lucite commemorative recognizing the contribution of team members in the launch of Zaxby’s loyalty program and mobile app “Zax Rewards”. (22AKL507)

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Side view of custom Lucite celebrating the launch of a mobile app for restaurant chain Zaxby's.

Puzzle-Themed Lucite Team Award

Puzzle-theme award recognizing contributions to Google Cloud.

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Side view of puzzle-themed Lucite team award recognizing contributions to Google Cloud. (8ALJ532)

Solar-Themed Team Recognition Award

Custom crystal award recognizing the contribution of team members in bringing online the Staughton solar farm, located on the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border in England. The site is the UK’s largest subsidy-free solar farm.

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Crystal team award celebrating the commercial operation of the Staugton solar farm, the UK's largest subsidy free solar site.