Product Embedments and Displays

Embedded product displays can be used internally in training staff, or as an engaging visual aid in educating customers, patients, or prospects.

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Lucite Embedment with Genuine Oil Vials

Custom Lucite incorporating vials containing samples of actual Alaska North Shore oil.

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Drug Vial Embedment Celebrating FDA Approval

Custom Lucite with an embedded drug vial commemorating FDA approval of ELAHERE. Developed by ImmunoGen, the drug was granted accelerated FDA approval as a treatment for ovarian cancer. (23AKL266)

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FDA Approval Commemorative with Embedded Drug Vial

Custom Lucite, with an embedded drug vial, celebrating FDA approval of Cosela. (20ADH005)

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Solar Cell Lucite Embedment

Custom Lucite, featuring an embedded solar cell, commemorating the acquisition of 51 photovoltaic solar farms in Poland.

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Back view of Lucite deal toy incorporating a solar cell. The deal toy commemorates the sale by Hanwha Q Cells of 51 photovoltaic farms in Poland.

Robotics-Themed Lucite Tombstone (Side View)

Robotics-themed Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of Redzone Robotics. The Pittsburgh-based firm was acquired by Milestone Partners, a private equity located in Philadelphia.

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Oil Drum-Themed Fund Closing Tombstone

Custom tombstone, with embedded oil drop, commemorating the closing of a private equity fund focused on upstream and midstream opportunities in the oil and gas sector in North America.

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Pharmaceutical Product Launch Commemorative

Lucite commemorative, incorporating a drug vial, celebrating the first product shipment by generic pharmaceutical company Civica.

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Silo-Themed Custom Deal Toy (Top View)

Silo-themed deal toy, incorporating sand, commemorating a senior debt facility provided to Performance Propants.

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Custom deal toy, incorporating client-provided sand, and marking a senior debt facility provided to Performance Propants. The firm is a sand mining company headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana.