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Concrete-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Porenbetonwerk Lasussnitz. Located in Dresden, Germany, the firm produces aerated concrete, a building material used in both residential and industrial construction.

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Side view of deal toy highlighting internal, 3-D etching effect in crystal. The deal toy commemorates the acquisition of Porenbetonwerk Laussnitz, a producer of aerated concrete.

Dinosaur Deal Toys: The New York Powerhouse Nicknamed “Wasserella”

October 25, 2022 by David Parry

This post was originally written to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Corporate Presence as a...

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ALL “New” Dinosaur Deal Toys: Going Back to The 90’s!

September 20, 2017 by David Parry

Our latest gallery of IB artifacts revisits an era we had previously glimpsed in the inventively...

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Celebrity Deal Toys: More Enduring Than Even Fame & Fortune!

March 30, 2016 by David Parry

The subject here is celebrity investors. And we will begin with the obligatory reference...

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Another Landmark Acquisition Recalls “The Most Profitable Deal in History”—and The Lucite That Commemorates It

April 20, 2015 by David Parry

Blackstone’s $23 billion purchase of GE’s real estate assets recalled another, earlier landmark...

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Deal Toy with Custom Embedment

Lucite deal toy with embedment commemorating the acquisition of Decatur, Alabama-based Micor Industries, a machining and manufacturing company.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition of Micor Industries, a machining and manufacturing firm located in Decatur, Alabama.

Zippers, Shrapnel, Manure…The Weird Things We’ve Had to Embed in Lucite—and the Weirder Science behind Them

March 16, 2015 by David Parry

Zippers, shrapnel, moose manure, regurgitated coins, cookies, umbilical cords, teeth—these are...

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First Solar Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating a term facility loan to First Wind for solar energy projects in Massachusetts. First Wind is headquartered in Boston.

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“Green”-Themed Deal Toy

Code name-themed deal toy, playing off the mojito cocktail, commemorating the acquisition of electricity supplier Modstrøm Danmark. Based in Copenhagen, Modstrøm has made a commitment to Denmark’s environmentally-friendly green transition.

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Back view of  "green"-themed deal toy design, playing off a deal code name, and based on a mojito cocktail.