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UK-US Flag-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating the British and American flags, celebrating an acquisition by Screen Engine/ASI. The Los Angeles-based firm acquired London-based market research agency Tapestry.

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Lucite deal toy, featuring the flags of Great Britain and the United States, commemorating the acquisition of market research firm Tapestry by Los Angeles-based Screen Engine/ASI. Tapestry provides multi-platform campaign evaluation, market segmentation, and audience research.

Washing Machine-Themed Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking a financing agreement for PayPerWash, a laundry installation and services company.

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Custom deal tombstone commemorating a credit facility for PayPerWash.

Food Delivery Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy celebrating the acquisition of Florida-based food delivery service Delivery Dudes.

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Back view of crystal deal toy marking the acquisition of Delivery Dudes. The Delray Beach-based company operates in over 50 cities, mostly in South Florida.

Department Store Acquisition Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone commemorating the sale of a controlling stake in Liberty London. The department store is an internationally recognized brand by virtue of its fabric prints and luxury leather goods.

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Map-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking REQ’s acquisition of, and merger with, Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI). IMI is an integrated marketing and branding firm with offices in Las Vegas and San Diego.

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Custom Lucite deal toy commemorating an acquisition by digital marketing and brand reputation firm REQ. REQ acquired,and will merge with, Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI).

Storefront Awning-Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom deal tombstone marking Series B financing for Stylistics, an AI-powered fashion merchandising and outfit recommendation platform.

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Custom deal toy celebrating Series B financing, led by New York City-based PeakSpan Capital, for Stylitics. The Stylitics platform makes use of algorithms, trend data, and fashion expertise to provide outfit recommendations.

Crystal E-commerce Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking the acquisition by Shopify of Tictail, a Swedish e-commerce company. The Tictail platform specializes in clothing, home decor, and art.

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Custom Crystal eCommerce Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone commemorating the acquisition of B2B eCommerce platform Handshake. Handshake was acquired by Ottawa-based eCommerce software firm Shopify.

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Pet & Animal-Themed Deal Toy

Pet-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of Horseman’s Pride and Jolly Pets.

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