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Viggle Custom Lucite

Deal tombstone recognizing a common stock offering by Viggle. Viggle is an entertainment marketing and rewards platform.

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PayPal Spin-Off Tombstone

Financial tombstone commemorating eBay’s spin-off of digital payments company PayPal. PayPal is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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Shopping Bag-Themed Custom Lucite

Custom tombstone recognizing notes issue by Jones Apparel Group.

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Blackstone Fashion Deal Toy

Custom tombstone marking the acquisition by Blackstone of the Mantova and Molfetta fashion outlets.

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Bridge Loan Financial Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating bridge loan financing for Frasers Centrepoint. Singapore-based REIT maintains a portfolio of 6 shopping malls.

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Strategic Investment Custom Commemorative

Deal toy commemorating the sale of Australian beauty-subscription site Bellabox. The purchaser, Allure Media, is a subsidiary of Fairfax Media.

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Miracle Mile Shops Financial Tombstone

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Roche Pharmaceutical Industry Deal Gift

Custom tombstone marking Roche’s acquisition of Constitution Medical Inc. Headquartered in Boston, CMI is a developer of laboratory products

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Credit Card Processor Tombstone

Custom Lucite involving Brazilian credit card processing firm Cielo.

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