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Soccer-Themed Deal Toy (Back View)

Financial tombstone celebrating financing for a new soccer (football) stadium. The facility will be used by the Columbus (Ohio) Crew of Major League Soccer.

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Crystal deal toy commemorating financing for the construction of a new stadium for the Columbus Crew Soccer Club.

Bar Northeast Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking the merger of Northeast Utilities and NSTAR. Springfield, Massachusetts-based Northeast Utilities is New England’s largest utility. Headquartered in Boston, NSTAR is a provider of retail energy and natural gas. Barclays and Lazard served as financial advisors to Northeast Utilities.

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Packaging Firm Deal Toy

South Carolina-themed Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Sunbelt Packaging. The York, South Carolina-based firm provides packaging materials and equipment. (22AJH107)

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Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition of South Carolina-based Sunbelt Packaging.

KKR/Crosby Group Lucite

Lucite deal toy recognizing the acquisition of The Crosby Group and Acco by private equity group KKR. The Crosby Group is a Tulsa-based provider of material handling products. Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, Acco manufactures specialty material handling solutions.

Job: 4ALD02S

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European Deal Toys: Hedge Funds, Harrods, Candy & More!

September 7, 2016 by David Parry

This installment of European deal toy highlights covers a good deal of ground: from Belfast to St....

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Retail Store-Themed Deal Toy

Retail store-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of footwear retail chain Hype DC. The purchase made the buyer, RCG Corp., the largest footwear retailer in Australia and New Zealand.

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Deal Toys & Gaming: Space Ape, CryptoKitties, Fortnite, and More!

March 24, 2018 by David Parry

Warcraft... Clash of Clans... Samurai Siege... CryptoKitties... Call of...

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Game-Themed Deal Toys: Legends, Settlers, Clans—and Ducks & Vols

April 18, 2019 by David Parry

The recently completed 2019 NCAA college basketball tournament brought home the widely shared,...

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Successful ASC 606 Adoption Commemorative

Custom Lucite, with spinning element, celebrating the successful adoption of ASC 606, new accounting standards regarding the recognition of revenue from contracts with customers.

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