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Car-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of Carubba Collision, a chain automobile repair centers located in upstate New York.

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Custom deal toy recognizing the acquisition by Illinois-based Gerber Collision and Glass of Carubba Collision. Carubba operates. Carubba operates auto repair centers in upstate New York.

Logo-Themed Paper Industry Tombstone

Logo-themed financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Strauss Paper Company. Based in Port Chester, New York, Strauss is a distributor of janitorial and sanitation supplies.

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Custom Lucite tombstone commemorating the acquisition of New York-based Strauss Paper Company, a distributor of disposable food service and janitorial supplies.

College Bond Issue Crystal Commemorative

Custom crystal celebrating the successful issue of bonds by Bard College, located in New York.

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Crystal commemorative marking the successful issuance of public bonds by New York-based Bard College.

Airplane-Themed Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating the acquisition of Seanair Machine Co. The New York-based firm manufactures precision parts for the aerospace industry.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition of aerospace parts manufacturer Seanair. Components produced by the Farmingdale, New York-based company include landing gear, flight controls, and wing parts.

iPhone-Inspired Financing Deal Toy

iPhone-themed crystal deal toy marking Series B financing for Click Therapeutics. Click is a digital therapeutics company based in New York City.

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Side view of deal toy celebrating Series B funding for Click Therapeutics. New York-based Click provides software as a prescription therapy for a number of conditions.

An Unwitting Commemorative of “Nightmare Eve”

October 12, 2020 by David Parry

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Gas Pump-Inspired Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition of 26 retail fuel and convenience stores. The stores, operated under the “Wheels” brand, are located in Connecticut and New York.

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Lucite deal toy marking the sale of 26 petrol stations and convenience stores located in Connecticut and New York.

The Missing Moon Rock…and 7 Other Bizarre Lucite Stories

March 23, 2015 by David Parry

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First Niagra Bank Resin Deal Toy

Resin deal toy commemorating the acquisition by First Niagara Bank, headquartered in Buffalo, New York, of NewAlliance Bancshares of Connecticut. First Niagara was advised in the transaction by J.P. Morgan Chase.

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