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Seafood Industry Corporate Tombstone

Corporate tombstone marking the sale by seafood company Sealord of its mussels business. The New  Zealand firm is based in Auckland.

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Loan Origination Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone commemorating the financing of two portfolios of independent living properties acquired by New Senior Investment Group. Bethesda, Maryland-based Walker & Dunlop originated the loans for the two senior housing portfolios.

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Industrial-Themed Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone commemorating a rights issue undertaken by Property for Industry Limited. PFI is a New Zealand-based industrial property investment company.

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Shipping-Themed IPO Deal Tombstone

Custom Lucite for the initial public offering of Scales Corporation. In addition to growing and exporting apples, the New Zealand-based agribusiness also provides storage and shipping services to the agricultural sector.

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Roadwork-Themed tombstone

Custom Lucite commemorating the acquisition of New Zealand firm HEB Construction. HEB services include civil engineering and roadwork.

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Great Sports-Themed Deal Toys: From Fenway to UFC to Curling

November 2, 2016 by David Parry

So what’s with the title of this post? Why would we possibly use a feeble-sounding, mealy-mouthed...

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Project Symphony Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating the merger of Macnica and Fuji Electronics to form Macnica Fuji Electronics. The new entity was subsequently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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Hotel Financing Commemorative

Lucite tombstone commemorating a construction loan for a hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica.

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Seafood Deal Tombstone

Custom deal toy commemorating the sale of  Suffolk, Virginia-based Wanchese Fish Co. The 79-year-old firm was acquired by Cooke Aquaculture, headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada.

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