rivals gallery

Yale-Harvard, Coke-Pepsi, Ford-GM, FEDEX-UPS----as the gallery below shows, our Lucite tombstones have long chronicled both sides in some of the fiercest rivalries

“What’s your deal?”
That’s a question we’ve been asking bankers here at The Corporate Presence for over 30 years.
As we’ve noted before, it’s the same question that Pete Carroll once famously put to Jim Harbaugh—though probably a lot less civilly than we tend to.
In any case, that post on Sports deal toys got us thinking…USC-Stanford wasn’t the only example of our having provided Lucite Tombstones—directly or indirectly— for not just one side in a longstanding rivalry but both of them. Yes, we’d worked with both USC and Stanford, but also both CAL and Stanford; and UCLA as well as USC.
But that was just the beginning. We soon realized we’d worked with both Harvard and Yale, HBS and Wharton, UPS and FEDEX, Hertz and Avis, GM and Ford, and on and on…

Thank You, Pete Carroll

Rivalries, we now saw, could be something to be celebrated. Just ask Pete Carroll. “I’m going to miss him”, he said of the man who had seemingly plagued his existence for almost six years, first in the PAC-10/12, and then the NFC West. “I saw Jim as an extraordinary competitor and I loved what he brought out in us”.
Alright then. So in that same spirit, we’ve raided our archive of Lucite tombstones to pay tribute to rivals—past, present, friendly or otherwise.