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Daimler Truck Mercedes-Benz Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy, with an aluminum base, recognizing the spin-off by Daimler of its truck division. The spinoff will result in a new company, Daimler Truck, and also in the rebranding of Daimler Mobility company as Mercedes-Benz Mobility.(21LJW243)

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Bridge-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Singapore-based construction and engineering firm Antara Koh. (22AKL255)

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a joint venture centered on a charging network for battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The partners for the EV network are Daimler Truck, BlackRock, and NextEra Energy. (22AZH233)

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Tire-Themed Crystal Deal Tombstone (Side View)

Side view of crystal deal tombstone celebrating the acquisition of Pressure Systems International. The San Antonio-based company produces trailer automatic tire inflation systems. (22AKL402)

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Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Texas-based Pressure Systems International. Nearly 2 million of the company's automatic tire inflation systems have been installed on commercial trailers. Top view of crystal tire-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of Pressure Systems International by Michigan-based Clarience Technologies.

Advanced Marine Preservation Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Jacksonville, Florida-based Advanced Marine Preservation. The company provides preservation services, notably for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, in the maintenance of its small surface ships. (22AKL489)

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Top view of deal tombstone recognizing the acquisition of Advanced Marine Preservation.

Ship’s Wheel-Themed Project Commemorative

Wood and Lucite commemorative celebrating the successful completion of multiple projects. (22AKL367)

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Bulldozer-Themed Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone, incorporating a marblelized base, commemorating notes issues by Commercial Credit Group. The Charlotte-based company provides equipment financing to the construction, fleet transportation, waste, and machine tool industries. (22AKL427)

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Side view of bulldozer-themed financial tombstone. View of deal tombstone showing recesses on base for bulldozer.

Shipyard-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking the acquisition by private equity firm Cerberus of the Hanjin Subic Bay Shipyard. The facility, located near a former U.S. naval base, was converted into a commercial shipyard in the 1990’s. (22LJW106)

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Rocket-Inspired Deal Toy

Back view of rocket-inspired crystal deal toy. (22LJW075)

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