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Automobile-Themed Crystal Tombstone

Automobile-themed crystal tombstone commemorating the sale of the Control Systems division of ZF. This division of the German firm manufactures electronic parts for auto dashboards, including those regulating heating and air conditioning.

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Car-themed deal toy marking the sale of the Control Systems division of ZF. The unit produces electronic parts for car dashboards, including panels for the modular steering column,  as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

Auto Parts-Themed Deal Toy

Auto parts-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of Fenix Parts, a recycler and reseller of automotive parts.

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Nautical-Themed Deal Toy

Nautical-themed deal toy commemorating an investment in Safe Harbor Marinas, the world’s largest owner and operator of marinas.

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Lucite Deal Toy with Pewter Rail Car

Custom Lucite deal toy with embedded pewter rail car commemorating facilities tied to the acquisition of RGCX. The company manages railcars operating in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Formel D Car-Themed Lucite Tombstone (8LJW119)

Car-themed financial tombstone commemorating the sale of Formel D. The German company is a provider of support services for the auto industry, including those related to retooling, quality assurance, and post-processing.

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Automobile Plant-Themed Deal Toy (Side View)

Waterfront-Themed Deal Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking the sale of the Stigsborg Waterfront in northern Denmark.

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Shipping Industry Deal Tombstone

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Crystal Deal Tombstone

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Sailboat-Themed Deal Toy

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