Category: Transportation

Bus-Inspired Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone commemorating the acquisition of bus transportation Nobina. The company operates approximately 4,000 buses in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

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Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition of Stockholm-based bus operator Nobina. (22LJW013)

Mining Truck-Themed Deal Toy

Mining truck-themed deal toy.

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Top view of mining truck-themed deal toy.

Automobile-Inspired Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy celebrating a combination involving Israel-based Otonomo Technologies. Based in Herzliya, Otonomo provides a cloud-based system for collecting data from connected cars.

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Delivery Van-Inspired Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating a private placement by Humble & Fume, a North American distributor of cannabis and cannabis accessories. Proceeds will be used for expansion of distribution operations in California.

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Shipping Container-Themed Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorative celebrating the attainment of 100,000 containers in J.B. Hunt’s intermodal fleet. The international freight company is headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas.

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Side view of crystal commemorative celebrating J.B. Hunt's reaching 100,000 shipping containers in its intermodal fleet. Back view of custom crystal celebrating a corporate milestone achieved by international shipper J.B. Hunt. In November, 2021 the Arkansas-based company reached 100,000 containers in its intermodal fleet.

Rocket-Themed Grand Prize Award

Crystal grand prize awarded at the Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch). The competition was won by West Lafayette, Indiana-based Adranos, a developer of solid rocket fuel for missile and space launch systems.

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Custom crystal award celebrating the victory by Adranos in the Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch) competition. Adranos is a Purdue University-affiliated startup specializing in solid rocket fuel. Back view of grand prize awarded at the Army-sponsored technology competition xTechSearch.

Airline Boarding Pass-Inspired Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating a sale-leaseback completed by Singapore AirlinesĀ  for 11 aircraft, including seven Airbus A350-900s and four Boeing B787-10s.

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Steering Wheel-Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone recognizing bridge financing provided to Faraday Future Intelligent Electric. The electric car manufacturer is based in Los Angeles, with a manufacturing plant under development in Hanford, California.

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Crystal deal toy commemorating bridge financing provided to Faraday Future. The electric vehicle (EV) maker is based in Los Angeles.