Category: Transportation

Tender Offer Tombstone

Custom tombstone marking a tender offer involving rail infrastructure and technology company Vossloh. The company is based in Werdohl, Germany.

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Container Ship-Themed Deal Toy

Container ship-themed deal toy marking the recapitalization of transportation and logistics company American Fast Freight. AFF is headquartered in Fife, Washington.

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Iowa-Themed Deal Gift

Iowa-themed deal gift commemorating the sale of two ethanol plants in the state. The facilities are located in Menlo and Shell Rock.

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Light Rail Project Tombstone

Custom tombstone marking a transaction involving the Jerusalem light rail project.

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CarCareKiosk Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the attainment of 2,000,000 unique monthly users for the first time by The website provides do-it-yourself video tutorials on care maintenance and repair.

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DC Comics Copyright Decision Commemorative

Custom commemorative marking a copyright decision in favor of DC Comics. The decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld DC Comics’s claim of copyright protectibility for the Batmobile.

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FedEx Verdict Commemorative

Verdict Commemorative marking a decision in favor of FedEx. FedEx is based in Memphis, Tennessee. (5AKL544)

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Auto Summit Custom Speaker Gift

Custom speaker gift presented at Mexico’s Automobile Industry Summit, held in December, 2015.

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Custom Acrylic with Embedded Sparkplug

Custom acrylic with embedded sparkplug marking the sale of Coler, a German distributor of light vehicle spare parts. The acquirer, London-based Alliance Automotive Group, is a portfolio company of Blackstone.

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