Non-Lucite Deal Toy Materials

Bankers frequently refer to deal toys collectively as “Lucites.” While Lucite remains by far the most popular and frequently used material for commemorating transactions, several other non-Lucite media are commonly used as well. These materials include:

Which Material is Right for Your Deal Toy?

Which material, or materials, will be most appropriate for your deal toy will depend on a variety of factors. Foremost among them will be your budget, timetable, and estimated quantity. There will be design considerations as well: certain design ideas—such as consumer products replicas—may lend themselves to certain materials more than others. Your account representative will be able to help you navigate these considerations, and select the material—or again, materials—best suited for you and your deal team.
Included here are deal toys made of these various materials. Please keep in mind that—as with Lucite—most of these media allow for a high degree of customization. These examples are therefore intended only to be illustrative, and do not define the complete spectrum of design possibilities of any given medium.