Organizational Anniversaries and Milestones

Recognize an anniversary of your company or organization’s founding, or celebrate landmark events such as achieving strategic goals or growth targets, or even rebranding.

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Pharmaceutical Product Launch Commemorative

Lucite commemorative, incorporating a drug vial, celebrating the first product shipment by generic pharmaceutical company Civica.

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Mitsubishi Electric Anniversary Commemorative

Lucite commemorative marking the 30th anniversary of Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.

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Side View of Mitsubishi 30th Anniversary Lucite Commemorative Back View of Mitsubishi Anniversary Lucite Commemorative

Product Replica-Themed Pharmaceutical Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating seed financing for Martin Pharmaceuticals. The design replicates the packaging for LIVANTRA, an orphan drug for the treatment of Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF). (8AMF069)

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Stockholm Nasdaq Listing Commemorative

Crystal commemorative celebrating the debut on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market of communications and networking company Transtema.

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Michelin Star Custom Crystal

Custom crystal marking the addition of Washington D.C. restaurant Imperfecto the the Michelin Guide.

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Back view of custom crystal celebrating the addition of Imperfecto , a Washington, D.C. restaurant, to the Michelin Guide. (22AKL260)

Shipping Container-Themed Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorative celebrating the attainment of 100,000 containers in J.B. Hunt’s intermodal fleet. The international freight company is headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas.

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Side view of crystal commemorative celebrating J.B. Hunt's reaching 100,000 shipping containers in its intermodal fleet. Back view of custom crystal celebrating a corporate milestone achieved by international shipper J.B. Hunt. In November, 2021 the Arkansas-based company reached 100,000 containers in its intermodal fleet.

Metals Company IPO Tombstone

Lucite tombstone celebrating the initial public offering of Lykos Metals, a Perth, Australia-based company focused on battery and precious metals projects.

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Back view of Lucite tombstone celebrating the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listing of Lykos Metals. The Perth-based company has several exploration projects based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gold Bar-Inspired Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone celebrating the initial public offering (IPO) of Mt Malcolm Mines. The gold exploration and development company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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Crystal deal tombstone celebrating the successful listing of Mt Malcolm Mines on the ASX. The exploration and mining company is based in Western Australia.

Exchange Listing Crystal Commemorative

Crystal commemorative marking the listing of Tre Holdings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Tre Holdings resulted from the merger of Takei Corporation and Rever Holdings Corporation.

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