Organizational Anniversaries and Milestones

Recognize an anniversary of your company or organization’s founding, or celebrate landmark events such as achieving strategic goals or growth targets, or even rebranding.

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Solar Panel-Themed Custom Lucite

Solar panel-themed custom Lucite celebrating the opening of the Pinal Center Solar Energy Center in Arizona.

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Utility Team Award for Disaster Recovery

Custom utility team award, featuring an embedded conductor strand, recognizing the relief efforts of PowerSouth employees after Hurricane Michael.

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Custom acrylic award, including an actual conductor strand, recognizing the power restoration efforts of PowerSouth employees in restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Successful ASC 606 Adoption Commemorative

Custom Lucite, with spinning element, celebrating the successful adoption of ASC 606, new accounting standards regarding the recognition of revenue from contracts with customers.

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Lucite Embedment for “Philly Philly” Super Bowl Statue

Lucite embedment celebrating the unveiling of the “Philly Philly” statue at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The Lucite cube includes a shard from mold used for the bronze statue at the stadium, which commemorates a pivotal play in the Eagles’s win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

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Custom Lucite celebrating the unveiling of the statue commemorating a play in Super Bowl LII. The Lucite cubes incorporates shards of the mold used for the statue, which depicts the "Philly Philly" play instrumental in the victory by the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots.

CarCareKiosk Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the attainment of 2,000,000 unique monthly users for the first time by The website provides do-it-yourself video tutorials on care maintenance and repair.

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Corporate Milestone Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorative marking the attainment of $100 billion under management by Manulife Asset Management Canada.

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Production Milestone Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorative celebrating the opening of the Bozschakol site by Kazakh copper producer Kaz Minerals. The site is located in northern Kazakhstan.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Milestone Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the first anniversary of FDA approval of Imbruvica. Imbruvica is an inhibitor used in the treatment of three different kinds of blood cancers.

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