Whether you’re celebrating a funding round, research collaboration, FDA-approval, or commemorating a deal in the biotech space, you’ll find inspiration in the custom designs below.

Biotechnology Custom Lucite

Corporate tombstone commemorating financing provided for Providence-based Nabsys. The life sciences and healthcare company focuses on applications for DNA sequencing research.

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Biotech IPO Deal Toy

Custom Lucite celebrating the IPO of Enzymotec, the Israeli developer of bio-functional, lipid-based compounds for medical and nutritional applications.

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Biotech Private Placement Deal Toy

Lucite tombstone marking the private placement of shares of DARA Biosciences. DARA is a specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Biotechnology Corporate Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking an acquisition by Oxygen Biotherapeutics, now known as Tenax Therapeutics.

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Biotech Corporate Tombstone

Custom Biotech Corporate Tombstone recognizing the merger of Antitope and PolyTherics. Antitope was advised by London-based Ferghana Partners Group.

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Biotech IPO Lucite Tombstone

Financial tombstone marking the initial public offering of stock by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech firm Bluebird. The company focuses on gene therapies addressing both genetic and orphan diseases.

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Biotechnology Deal Custom Tombstone

Custom tombstone marking the acquisition of Israeli firm Prolor Biotech. The acquiring company was Miami-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm Opko Health.

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Biotech Private Placement Tombstone

Lucite deal toy recognizing two stock offerings by Oxygen Biotherapuetics. The specialty pharmaceutical firm, now known as Tenax Therapeutics, is based in Morrisville, North Carolina.

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Bionor Pharma Private Placement Tombstone

Financial tombstone recognizing the private placement of shares in Bionor Pharma. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the firm specializes in vaccines aimed at rapidly mutating virus infections such as HIV and Influenza.

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Biotech Deal Toys

Beginning on this page, you’ll find galleries with over 90 images of financial tombstones and deal toys from the biotech and life sciences space. You’ll find a number of custom designs playing off visual elements commonly associated with this space, including DNA strands, pills, lab beakers, periodic tables, as well as ones incorporating actual drug vials.

As you might also expect, you’ll see a number of deal toys involving internationally recognized firms and players. These include Takeda Pharmaceutical, Horizon Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences, Roche, Neurocrine, and Bayer. You’ll see as well tombstones commemorating transactions common to this sector involving these and other firms: joint ventures, licensing deals, and development and commercialization agreements.

But you’ll also notice a number of deals commemorated here that may involve far less familiar firms. These include the acquisition of a Dutch company focused on live-cell imaging analytics, and one of an Illinois-based gene therapy firm devoted to the treatment of a rare genetic disorder; the initial public offering of an Australian developer of radiopharmaceutical cancer therapies, and the IPO of a Norwegian biotech making use of marine compounds such as herring roe extract; early-stage funding for a Philadelphia gene engineering startup, and the IPO of an Israeli firm focused on medical applications for lipid-based compounds.

You’ll also notice in these galleries designs not related to any financial transaction. These celebrate a range of awards and employee recognition pieces honoring successful clinical trials, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and New Drug Application (NDA) submissions, research collaborations and partnerships, and product development milestones.