Cars and Motorcycles

The custom designs shown here commemorate a range of automotive deals, from autonomous vehicles to parts, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Daimler Truck Mercedes-Benz Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy, with an aluminum base, recognizing the spin-off by Daimler of its truck division. The spinoff will result in a new company, Daimler Truck, and also in the rebranding of Daimler Mobility company as Mercedes-Benz Mobility.(21LJW243)

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Automobile Deal Toy featuring 3D Crystal Etching

Crystal deal toy, featuring 3D laser etching of car seats, commemorating the acquisition of Greenville, South Carolina-based Sage Automotive Interiors. The company produces cloth and fabrics for use in seating, door panels, and headliners used by the automobile industry.

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Automobile Software Deal Toy

Custom deal toy celebrating an equity investment in SpinCar, a Syracuse, New York-based firm that offers software allowing car dealers to display vehicles online with 360-degree images.

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Motorcycle Helmet-Themed Deal Tombtone

Custom crystal deal tombstone commemorating loan facilities provided for Komine. The Tokyo-based firm provides motorcycle equipment, including helmets and apparel. Tokyo Star Bank acted as mandated lead arranger, bookrunner, and agent in the transaction.

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Sim Racing-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy marking a rights issue and listing on the Copenhagen Nasdaq exchange by Asetek. The Danish computer company produces a simulated racing steering wheel. (23LJW065)

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Formel D Car-Themed Lucite Tombstone (8LJW119)

Car-themed financial tombstone commemorating the sale of Formel D. The German company is a provider of support services for the auto industry, including those related to retooling, quality assurance, and post-processing.

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Automobile Plant-Themed Deal Toy (Side View)

Sports Car-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating the sale by Urban Grid of two solar projects.

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Car-themed deal toy marking the sale by Urban Grid to Dominion Energy of two solar projects.

Car-Themed Deal Tombstone

Car-themed deal tombstone marking the acquisition  of a majority stake in Mecaplast Group.  The automotive injection molding firm is based in Monaco.

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License Plate-Inspired Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone commemorating notes issued by GLS Auto Receivables Issuer Trust 2024. GLS (Global Lending Services) is based in Greenville, South Carolina. (24AKL118)

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Side view of license plate-themed deal toy.

Cars and Motorcycles Deal Toys

Beginning with the gallery on this page, you’ll find here financial tombstones and deal toys related to automobiles and motorcycles. You can expect to see deals and transactions involving many of the most recognizable international players and brands in this space. These include Harley-Davidson, General Motors, Pirelli, Volkswagen, Penske, Ford, Michelin, Ducati, Advance Auto Parts, Delphi Technologies, Interstate Batteries, Goodyear, and Daimler Truck.

You’ll also notice deal toys reflecting a range of a technologies, components, and services associated with these sectors. These include autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and charging networks, diagnostic software designers, auto parts producers and resellers, truck and trailer producers, safety equipment and apparel providers, as well as auto receivable underwriters.

But you’ll also notice here a number of tombstones involving both far-flung industry players and transactions. These include deals such as the acquisition of Australia’s largest car dealership, another related to an Indonesian tire manufacturer, and one centering on a Paris-based car-sharing platform; a loan provided for a Tokyo-based motorcycle helmet manufacturer; a joint venture centering on lithium-ion car batteries; bridge financing for a Los Angeles electric vehicle manufacturer; and notes issued by a Chicago-based company specializing in recycled auto parts.

You’ll also encounter tombstones commemorating deals totally unrelated to the automotive or motorcycle sectors. These include instances where the deal participants opted for car-themed designs to commemorate, for instance, the issue of British Pound-denominated notes, and an alternative energy project involving a utility.

Finally, you’ll also see commemoratives celebrating events and achievements within these sectors not related to any financial transaction. These include, for example, gifts for speakers at an auto conference, a design celebrating a user milestone for a car maintenance and repair platform, and another celebrating a successful verdict in a copyright action involving the Batmobile.