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The designs below play off a number of deals and events, including ones involving packaged goods, online marketing, consumer credit, digital payments, brick & mortar stores, and product launches.

Reward Card-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of Aeroplan, an airline customer loyalty program. The acquisition was made by a consortium led by Air Canada, and also including Visa Canada, CIBC, and TD Bank.

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Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition by a consortium led by Air Canada of the Aeroplan loyalty program. The consortium also includes TD Bank, CIBC, and Visa Canada.

Credit Card Processing-Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom deal tombstone marking the sale to Nordea of Gjensidige Bank.

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Credit card-themed deal toy marking the sale of Norway's Gjensidige Bank. ((9LJW040)

Data Analytics Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking an investment in data analytics firm Information Resources Inc. (IRI). The company assembles data from sources such as social media and purchases to provide insights and predictive analytics on consumer behavior.

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Credit Card-Themed Tombstone

Custom tombstone recognizing the closing of LLR Equity Partners V fund by Philadelphia-based private equity firm LLR Partners.

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Storefront Awning-Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom deal tombstone marking Series B financing for Stylistics, an AI-powered fashion merchandising and outfit recommendation platform.

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Custom deal toy celebrating Series B financing, led by New York City-based PeakSpan Capital, for Stylitics. The Stylitics platform makes use of algorithms, trend data, and fashion expertise to provide outfit recommendations.

U.S. Map-Themed Crystal Deal Tombstone

Crystal deal tombstone, incorporating a map of the United States, recognizing the sale of 45 Outback Steakhouse units. The units of the restaurant chain were located in New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

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KKR Deal Tombstone with Bottle on Scale

Lucite deal tombstone with bottle on weight scale. The tombstone commemorates KKR’s acquisition of Industrial Physics, which manufactures testing and inspection equipment for the plastics, coatings, materials etc. used by manufacturers and laboratories in a number of sectors. (23AKL351)

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Astronaut-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone, playing off a moon-related deal code name, commemorating the sale of David Jones. The 185-year-old retailer has 43 stores across Australia and New Zealand. (23ALJ037)

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Consumer & Retail Deal Toys

Beginning on this page, you’ll find galleries featuring over 100 images of deal toys and financial tombstones from the consumer and retail sectors. As you might expect, a number of these tombstone designs play off visuals commonly associated with the space. These include, for instance, credit cards, product replicas of consumer goods, store awnings, retail signs, product displays, shopping bags, and price tags.

You’ll also encounter a number of highly recognizable companies and players in the transactions commemorated here. They encompass both brick-and-mortar and online operations, and include brands such as Visa, Metro, Staples, Selfridges, BUT, PayPal, David Jones, Tiffany, Kohl’s, Alibaba, eBay, Rakuten, and FEMSA.

But you’ll also find a number of deals involving far less familiar participants. These include the acquisition of an airline loyalty program, an investment in a consumer behavior analytics firm, the successful emergence of a retailer from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the acquisition of a Swedish e-commerce company, and of a New York-based airline shopping data provider, as well as the debt refinancing of a German supplier of cosmetics packaging.

Finally, you’ll see events and achievements commemorated here that don’t involve a financial transaction. These include, for instance, a custom award honoring merchandising excellence, and another designed for retailer Home Depot.