Showcased here are deal toys from the banking, financial, and fintech sectors. In addition, you’ll see custom commemoratives marking fund closings, venture capital financings, earnings records, and bell ringing ceremonies and other exchange milestones.

Nasdaq Tower-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, incorporating the Nasdaq Tower, commemorating an acquisition by urban-gro, a cannabis facility operator. (23ALJ018)

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Blackstone IPO Deal Toy

Marble deal toy commemorating the initial public offering for The Blackstone Group.(22AKL465)

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NAB-Citi Credit Card Deal Toy

Credit card-themed crystal deal toy commemorating the sale of Citigroup’s Australian consumer business to National Australia Bank (NAB). (21ALJ492)

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China-Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone celebrating the acquisition by Moody’s of a minority stake in SynTao Green Finance. Based in China, the firm provides environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and analytics.

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Fund Closing Custom Deal Toy

Custom closing deal toy celebrating the closing by Munich-based buyout firm Paragon Partners of its third fund.

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Custom crystal commemorative marking the closing of Paragon Fund III. The fund, the third raised by Munich-based Paragon Partners, will focus on value-oriented opportunities in Germany, Austria,  and Switzerland.

Bell Ringing-Themed IPO Deal Toy

Bell-themed deal toy celebrating the initial public offering by Brazilian energy firm Neoenergia, a subsidiary of Iberdrola.

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Financial tombstone commemorating the IPO of Brazilian power distributor Neoenergia.

Puzzle-Themed Franklin Templeton Deal Toy

Puzzle-themed deal toy marking the acquisition by Franklin Templeton of alternative investment manager Lexington Partners. (21AKL612)

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Back view of puzzle-themed crystal tombstone celebrating Franklin Templeton's acquisition of Lexington Partners.

Green Bond Deal Toy (Back View)

Back view of deal toy marking green bonds issued by the Swiss canton on Geneva.

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Top view of deal toy recognizing green bonds issued by the Swiss canton of Geneva. Lucite tombstone commemorating green bonds issued by the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Trading Floor-Themed Deal Toy

Custom Lucite marking the acquisition by Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel Securities of the market making operations at the New York Stock Exchange of KCG Holdings.

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Financial Deal Toys

In the galleries beginning on this page, you’ll find over 200 images of deal toys from the financial and banking sectors. The transactions they commemorate represent a range of industry players. These include not only investment banks, but also venture capital firms, insurance companies, private equity firms, asset managers, consumer and regional banks, wealth management firms, hedge funds, credit card companies, and cryptocurrency firms.

The deal toys shown in this section also reflect a broad geographic scope. You’ll see in these galleries, for instance, deal tombstones marking a capital rights offering by a Kuwaiti bank, the acquisition of a stake in South African property and casualty insurer, the acquisition of a London-based money manager, and the initial public offering of an internationally-celebrated New York private equity firm. You’ll also see commemoratives for offerings in an array of international currencies, as well as those celebrating the successful closing of funds focused on investment opportunities in regions such as Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.

These tombstones also reflect the influence of technology on the financial sector. Among many others, you’ll see deal toys involving a Florida-based fintech firm, an Australian digital payments provider, and a Swiss financial messaging firm.

Finally, you’ll also notice here a number of awards and employee recognition pieces not related to any financial transaction. These honor a variety of events and achievements in the financial sector. Examples include the 40th anniversary of a prominent Greenwich, Connecticut-based private equity firm, the launch of a digital wallet app, and the debut of a company on the Stockholm exchange.