Showcased here are deal toys from the banking, financial, and fintech sectors. In addition, you’ll see custom commemoratives marking fund closings, venture capital financings, earnings records, and bell ringing ceremonies and other exchange milestones.

Asian Fund Closing Tombstone

Lucite tombstone commemorating the closing by Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital Partners of its Gateway Real Estate Fund V. The fund will primarily target properties in China, but also Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

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Fund Closing Software Crystal Tombstone

Crystal fund closing tombstone for HgMercury 2, a fund focusing on software and tech-enabled companies in Europe.

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Crystal Deal Toy for Korea Notes

Crystal deal toy marking global notes issues by the Export-Import Bank of Korea.

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Stock Exchange Debut Commemorative

Crystal commemorative marking the debut on the London stock market of price comparison site GoCompare.

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Football-Themed Corporate Tombstone

Football-themed corporate tombstone marking the acquisition by SMART Financial, a Florida-based financial services company.

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Entitlement Offer Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking an entitlement offer by Corporate Travel Management. CTM is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

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Mountain-Themed Swiss Bond Tombstone

Mountain-themed tombstone recognizing bonds denominated in Swiss Francs and issued by Tanner Servicious Financieros, a Chilean financial services firm.

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Arch and Column-Themed Deal Toy

Arch and column-themed deal toy marking the sale of Pillar, the administrator for the funds of the New South Wales government. The acquirer was consulting firm Mercer Australia.

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Financial Industry Recognition Lucite

Lucite recognizing the promotion of the most recent class of Managing Directors.

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