Data Storage & Security

Below you’ll find cloud and data storage concepts to commemorate seed rounds, IPO’s, acquisitions, and other transactions.

Rhino-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Lucite tombstone design playing off the Rhino logo of ThreatQuotient. The piece commemorates Series B funding of the Reston, Virginia-based cyber security software firm.

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Cloud Firm Acquisition Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Google of Israel-based Alooma, which aids firms in migrating to the cloud.

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Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition by Google of Alooma, an Israeli cloud migration firm.

Fingerprint Recognition Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating transaction involving Precise Biometrics, a Swedish firm involved in the development of software and hardware for fingerprint recognition and smart cards.

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Cybersecurity-Themed Deal Toy

Cybersecurity-themed deal toy, featuring a dragon brand mascot, and commemorating the acquisition of a stake in Bitdefender. The stake in the Romanian data protection firm was acquired by private equity firm Vitruvian Partners.

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Dell-EMC Merger Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy marking Dell’s acquisition of EMC, the Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based data storage company.

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Hosting and Cloud Services Lucite

Custom Lucite marking the acquisition of Ipeer, a Swedish supplier of cloud and hosting services. Ipeer is based in Karlstad.

Job: 5LJ677

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Panopto Strategic Investment Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone celebrating a strategic investment in video management provider Panopto. Based in Seattle, Panopto enables businesses and universities to create secure, searchable video libraries.

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Back view of logo-themed financial tombstone marking a strategic investment in Panopto, a Seattle-based provider of video capture software.

Data Center-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of portfolio of data centers by a consortium of firms. The consortium, which included Medina Capital Advisors and Longview Asset Management, has since renamed the portfolio Cyxtera Technologies.

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Padlock-Themed Deal Tombstone

Padlock-themed deal tombstone marking notes issued by information security company SafeNet. SafeNet was acquired by Gemalto in 2014.

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