Mobile Communications & Services

See a number of deal toy ideas from the mobile services space, and also some custom commemoratives for seed financing, end-user landmarks, joint ventures, and other milestones.

Food Delivery Service Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy marking the acquisition by Uber of food delivery service Postmates.

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Lucite tombstone commemorating the acquisition by Uber of Postmates, a San Francisco-based meal delivery service.

Phone-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy celebrating the acquisition of cloud services provider SAP Digital Interconnect. The acquirer, Sinch, is a cloud communications firm based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Back View of SAP Digital Deal Toy

Circuit Board-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of the cellular IoT (Internet of Things) unit of French aerospace and defense company Thales. The transaction includes the unit’s product line of modules, gateways, data (modem) cards. (23LJW006)

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Back view of circuit board-themed deal tombstone.

Vodafone New Zealand Deal Tombstone

Crystal deal tombstone marking the sale of Vodafone New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest mobile company. The acquirers were Infratil, a New Zealand-based investment company, and Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian firm.

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Crystal Deal Toy for Twitter Debt Offering

Custom crystal deal toy recognizing a $1 billion debt offering by Twitter.

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Snap IPO Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy recognizing the initial public offering of Snap, creator of the social-sharing app Snapchat.

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Wi-Fi Company Corporate Tombstone

Corporate tombstone marking a capital raising by wi-fi company Tomizone. The firm is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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iPad-Themed Deal Tombstone

iPad-themed deal tombstone commemorating the acquisition  of a stake in by Die Mobiliar of Scout24 Schweiz. Scout24 Schweiz is a Swiss online provider of  marketplaces for automobiles, real estate, and general classifieds.

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Social Media Platform Deal Toy

Logo-themed crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of influencer marketing platform Tagger. The acquirer was Sprout Social, a social media analytics and management provider. (23ALJ212)

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Mobile Communications & Services Deal Toys

In the galleries beginning on this page, you can find over 100 images of deal toys and financial tombstones from the mobile communications and services space. The deal toys themselves involve a number of high-profile players in the sector. These include T-Mobile, Verizon, Rakuten, O2, AT&T, Snap, Uber, Twitter, and Vodafone, to name only a few. The designs also play off a number of familiar technologies and components in this space, including mobile phones, cloud computing, and cell towers.

But you’ll also discover here many more transactions, and deal toys, that may involve less familiar companies, technologies, and services. These include tombstones commemorating the acquisition of a developer of blockchain-enabled digital shoes and sneakers; Series B funding for a New York-based digital therapeutics company; the acquisition of a German provider of cloud-based customer engagement software; the acquisition of the developer of several social casino brands; and the sale of an Oregon-based manufacturer of wireless components, such as antennas, connectors, and modules.

Finally, you can also find here awards and employee recognition pieces from this sector that are not related to any financial transaction. You’ll see, for instance, a team award recognizing the developers of a mobile loyalty program app for a restaurant chain, and a custom award celebrating the surpassing of an end-user milestone for a transportation app.