Cross-Border & International

Cross-border transactions have inspired many custom awards with designs based on maps, flags, clocks, and currencies.

Pagoda-Themed Deal Toy

Code name-themed crystal deal toy commemorating an investment in a portfolio of non-performing Spanish mortgages. (24LNL078)

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Side view of pagoda-themed deal tombstone.

Flag-Themed Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone marking the purchase of Mexican chemical company Órgano Síntesis. The acquiring firm, Pilot Chemical, is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Ohio-based Pilot Chemical of Órgano Síntesis, located in Toluca, Mexico. The Mexican chemical firm specializes in products for the cosmetic, soap, and detergent industries.

Time Zone-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy celebrating the launch of the LaSalle Japan Property Fund. The open-ended fund will invest mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

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UK-US Flag-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating the British and American flags, celebrating an acquisition by Screen Engine/ASI. The Los Angeles-based firm acquired London-based market research agency Tapestry.

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Lucite deal toy, featuring the flags of Great Britain and the United States, commemorating the acquisition of market research firm Tapestry by Los Angeles-based Screen Engine/ASI. Tapestry provides multi-platform campaign evaluation, market segmentation, and audience research.

Canadian-American Deal Tombstone

Hockey-themed tombstone commemorating the Canadian-American partnership between Simon Property Group and Calloway Real Estate Investment. The deal involved an upscale outlet shopping center serving Toronto.

1 Image

Flag-Themed Pharmaceutical Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Canada’s Dalton Pharma Services by Japanese pharmaceutical firm Seikagaku Corporation.

2 Images
Crystal deal toy marking a cross-border acquisition of Canadian Dalton Pharma Services. The acquirer was Seikagaku Corporation, an R&D-centered Japanese pharmaceutical firm.

Ring Box-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy celebrating the acquisition of a majority stake in Benzinger. The German company manufactures turning and milling machines for precision parts, and is used in such industries as jewelry, watchmaking, optics, and for dental and medical applications. (24LJW003)

3 Images
Top view of lucite financial tombstone marking the acquisition by Syngroh Capital of lathing and milling equipment manufacturer Benzinger. Side view of ring box-themed deal toy.

Globe-Themed Joint Venture Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorating a joint venture between Wolverine World Wide and Chinese sportswear retailer Xtep International. The partnership focuses on growing the Saucony and Merell brands in mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong.

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Cross-Border & International Deal Toys

Deal toys and financial tombstones involving cross-border transactions are featured in the galleries beginning on this page. Altogether, you’ll find over 150 deal toys having cross-border or international themes.

You’ll notice deal toy designs commemorating a number of celebrated, high-profile cross-border deals. These include those involving 21st Century Fox, Sky, and Comcast, and Grupo Televisa and Univision. You’ll also see tombstones involving a number of established international companies and brands, such as Siemens, Roche, Citigroup, Moody’s, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Roche.

As you might expect for transactions involving participants and properties spanning multiple countries, there are some recurring designs. These include deal toy designs involving maps, flags, compasses, globes, currency symbols, state emblems, national mascots, as well as working clocks highlighting different time zones.

But the designs here also reflect a full range not only of countries and regions but also of sectors and industries. Among the lower-profile deals you’ll find commemorated here are for instance, a Japanese investment in a U.S.-based manufacturer of piloted flying vehicles; an Australian acquisition by a Swedish environmental tech company; a Polish-Spanish joint venture centered on offshore wind projects; a joint venture between a Michigan-based footwear manufacturer and a Chinese sports retailer; the acquisition by a British firm of a California producer of integrated circuits; and the sale of the Chinese business of a German retailer.

You’ll also see recognized here transactions that, while not cross-border, have regional or country-specific themes that may be of interest.

Finally, you’ll find here relevant designs commemorating achievement and events unrelated to any specific transaction, cross-border or otherwise. These include, for instance, designs recognizing participation in a prestigious global medicine conference, and another given to speakers at an internationally-focused event sponsored by Harvard Business School.

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