Cross-Border & International

Cross-border transactions have inspired many custom awards with designs based on maps, flags, clocks, and currencies.

China-Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone celebrating the acquisition by Moody’s of a minority stake in SynTao Green Finance. Based in China, the firm provides environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and analytics.

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Time Zone-Themed Deal Toy

Custom deal toy celebrating the launch of the LaSalle Japan Property Fund. The open-ended fund will invest mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

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UK-US Flag-Themed Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy, incorporating the British and American flags, celebrating an acquisition by Screen Engine/ASI. The Los Angeles-based firm acquired London-based market research agency Tapestry.

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Lucite deal toy, featuring the flags of Great Britain and the United States, commemorating the acquisition of market research firm Tapestry by Los Angeles-based Screen Engine/ASI. Tapestry provides multi-platform campaign evaluation, market segmentation, and audience research.

Swiss-Turkish Deal Tombstone

Custom deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Turkey-based ELBI Elektrik by Swiss power company ABB. ELBI Elektrik  is headquartered in Istanbul.  

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Globe-Themed Joint Venture Commemorative

Custom crystal commemorating a joint venture between Wolverine World Wide and Chinese sportswear retailer Xtep International. The partnership focuses on growing the Saucony and Merell brands in mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong.

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Canadian-American Deal Tombstone

Hockey-themed tombstone commemorating the Canadian-American partnership between Simon Property Group and Calloway Real Estate Investment. The deal involved an upscale outlet shopping center serving Toronto.

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Flag-Themed Pharmaceutical Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Canada’s Dalton Pharma Services by Japanese pharmaceutical firm Seikagaku Corporation.

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Crystal deal toy marking a cross-border acquisition of Canadian Dalton Pharma Services. The acquirer was Seikagaku Corporation, an R&D-centered Japanese pharmaceutical firm.

Flag-Themed Financial Tombstone

Lucite financial tombstone marking the purchase of Mexican chemical company Órgano Síntesis. The acquiring firm, Pilot Chemical, is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition by Ohio-based Pilot Chemical of Órgano Síntesis, located in Toluca, Mexico. The Mexican chemical firm specializes in products for the cosmetic, soap, and detergent industries.