Defense & Aerospace

In addition to sector-themed defense and aerospace tombstones, The Corporate Presence has created custom awards related to aviation training, technology competitions, and corporate joint ventures.

Rocket-Themed Grand Prize Award

Crystal grand prize awarded at the Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch). The competition was won by West Lafayette, Indiana-based Adranos, a developer of solid rocket fuel for missile and space launch systems.

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Custom crystal award celebrating the victory by Adranos in the Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch) competition. Adranos is a Purdue University-affiliated startup specializing in solid rocket fuel. Back view of grand prize awarded at the Army-sponsored technology competition xTechSearch.

Jet Fighter-Themed Deal Tombstone

Lucite deal tombstone marking a rights issue by Sweden’s Saab. The company is looking to fulfill a large defense contract received from the U.S. Air Force for the T-X trainer aircraft.

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Airplane-themed Lucite tombstone commemorating a rights issue by Saab to fulfill a large defense contracts from Brazil and the United States.

IAG Defense Lucite Tombstone

Lucite Award commemorating a deal made with Vueling.

Job: 4LMJ019

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Aviation-Themed Leadership Training Commemorative

Aviation-themed leadership training commemorative.

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GPS-themed commemorative recognizing leadership training in the aviation industry.

3 Phoenix Defense Contractor Commemorative

Lucite tombstone recognizing the acquisition of 3 Phoenix by British-based Ultra Electronics. 3 Phoenix is a supplier of surveillance and reconnaissance technologies.

Job: 4SRS503

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Defense-Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Atlanta-based CodeMettle. The firm specializes in software for critical communications networks, such as those of defense and government.

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Aerospace Industry Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Cassavant Machining, a manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace, military, and commercial markets.

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Custom deal tombstone, featuring 3-D laser-etching of jet airplanes, commemorating the acquisition of Cassavant Machining. The firm manufactures precision parts for the military and commercial aerospace markets.

Advanced Marine Preservation Financial Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone marking the acquisition of Jacksonville, Florida-based Advanced Marine Preservation. The company provides preservation services, notably for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, in the maintenance of its small surface ships. (22AKL489)

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Top view of deal tombstone recognizing the acquisition of Advanced Marine Preservation.

Defense & Aerospace Deal Toys

The galleries beginning on this page contain over 40 images of deal toys and financial tombstones from the defense and military and commercial aviation sectors. The designs commemorating transactions feature a range of components and technologies from these sectors. These include rockets, drones, aircraft carriers, jet airplanes, missiles, satellites, and submarines. Many of the deals commemorated here also feature some of the most recognizable firms and players in these sectors. These include Bombardier, Boeing, L3Harris, Huntington Ingalls, TATA Advanced Systems, Saab, and Kratos.

But you’ll also see here deal toys involving participants and transactions that are probably less familiar. These might include the acquisition of an Atlanta-based company specializing in critical communications networks such as those in government and defense, and one involving an Australian manufacturer of precision aerospace components; seed funding for a university-affiliated developer of high-performance propellants; a joint venture centering on the production of military helicopters; and the acquisition of a U.K. based provider of landing gear and hydraulic systems.

You will also find in these galleries designs unrelated to a specific financial transaction. These are awards and employee recognition pieces related to achievements in these sectors. You’ll see, for instance, an aviation-themed leadership and training awards, as well as those related to NASA’s Habitat Challenge, and the Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch).