Showcased here are deal toys from the banking, financial, and fintech sectors. In addition, you’ll see custom commemoratives marking fund closings, venture capital financings, earnings records, and bell ringing ceremonies and other exchange milestones.

Software Fund Closing Tombstone

Crystal tombstone celebrating the closing of B2B software investor Monterro’s fourth fund, the largest tech fund in the Nordics.

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Marble-Inspired Lucite Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone, incorporating simulated marble columns, commemorating a strategic investment by Investcorp in Marblegate Asset Management.

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Lucite deal toy, incorporating simulated marble columns, celebrating a strategic investment in Marblegate, a debt fund based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Multiple-Transaction SPAC Deal Toy

Custom deal toy commemorating three transactions by Kensington Capital Acquisition: an initial public offering, a PIPE transaction, and a merger with Wallbox. Wallbox is a Spanish electric-vehicle charger manufacturer.

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Pearl-Inspired Lucite Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the launch of the Pearl River Floating Rate Global Income Fund.

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Closed view of Lucite deal toy marking the launch of the Pearl Diver Floating Rate Global Income Fund. Back view of clamshell-themed Lucite tombstone

Technology Firm “Graveyard” Tombstone

“Graveyard” tombstone summarizing acquisitions made by New Era Technology. The information technology (IT) firm provides cloud, data networking, and security services. 

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Crystal "graveyard" tombstone listing acquisitions made by New Era Technology. The information technology (IT) firm is based in New York.

Exchange Listing Crystal Commemorative

Crystal commemorative marking the listing of Tre Holdings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Tre Holdings resulted from the merger of Takei Corporation and Rever Holdings Corporation.

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Logo-Inspired Crystal Tombstone

Crystal financial tombstone commemorating a stock offering by Nuwellis. Nuwellis is a medical device company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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Back view of financial tombstone marking a stock offering by Minnesota-based Nuwellis.

Venture Capital Firm Founding Commemorative

Custom crystal and wood commemorative celebrating the founding of Uneti Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on finTech, greenTech, and medTech.

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Custom wood and crystal commemorative celebrating the launch of venture capital firm Uneti Ventures.