The transportation-themed deal toys shown here take inspiration from planes, freighters, boats, buses, drones, and more. The industry also utilizes commemoratives for service awards and operator certifications.

American Airlines Deal Toy

Deal toy recognizing public offering by Ft. Worth-based American Airlines. Underwriters for the issue included Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

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Northern Trust Custom Deal Toy

Custom deal toy related to a public offering by Chicago-based Northern Trust. Goldman Sachs served as a joint bookrunning manager for the offering.

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Volkswagen Custom Lucite

Custom Lucite marking debt issuance by Volkswagen Leasing in Mexico. The transaction was made with the help of Moody’s.

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ExpressJet Custom Deal Toy

Custom deal toy recognizing the acquisition of ExpressJet by SkyWest, headquartered in St. George, Utah. Atlanta-based ExpressJet was advised in the deal by Goldman Sachs

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Michelin Custom Design Deal Toy

Custom design deal toy  recognizing a rights offering by tire manufacturer Michelin. The offer was made in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and underwritten by a syndicate led by BNP Paribas.

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Kratos Lucite Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking several transactions related to San Diego-based defense and security firm Kratos.

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Elberle Dealtoy

Dealtoy relating to the purchase of Phoenix-based traffic control firm Elberle. Eberle was acquired by Graham Partners, headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

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Box Ships Inc. Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone celebrating the initial public offering of Athens-based Box Ships Inc. Underwriting firms included UBS and Cantor Fitzgerald.

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EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company) Lucite Tombstone

Lucite tombstone commemorating a transaction involving the Netherlands-based European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company.

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Transportation Deal Toys

You’ll find beginning with the galleries on this page images of over 200 financial tombstones from the transportation sector. The deals commemorated here represent a full range of transportation modes and services. You’ll see deal toys featuring cars, airplanes, buses, railroads, trucks, motorcycles, subway systems, helicopters, light and passenger rail, passenger ships—to name just a few.

You’ll also find a number of deal toys with designs that play off many of the trappings commonly associated with the transportation industry. These include, for example, tombstone designs featuring highway signs, steering wheels, propellors, compasses, airline tickets, shipping containers, tunnels, traffic lights, tollbooths, port facilities, and parking lots.

You’ll recognize among these deal tombstones many of the sector’s highest-profile companies and players. These include international brands such as J.B. Hunt, Daimler, Airbus, Boeing, CMA CGM, Lyft, Kerry Logistics, HMM, Danaos, Expedia, Hyundai, United, Maersk, General Motors, Air Canada, and United.

But the deal toy galleries here also highlight a number of less prominent players and deals from the transportation space. Those include the acquisition of a firm specializing in airline shopping data; Series B financing for a SaaS provider for connected cars; the acquisition of an Austrian manufacturer of headlight systems; the initial public offering for an Australian luxury car dealer; and the acquisition of a Texas-based company specializing in automatic tire inflation systems for trailers.

The galleries also feature designs that recognize deals outside the transportation sector, ones that nevertheless have relevant themes. These deal tombstones include, for instance, a bicycle-themed design celebrating the sale of a group of Dutch hotels; one with a tram theme marking several transactions in the Swiss telecom sector; and a Roman galley-inspired piece commemorating a landmark media transaction.

Finally, there are pieces included here that are unrelated to any financial transaction. These commemorate achievements in the sector. They include the surpassing of a user milestone for a public transportation app, and of a growth milestone for a corporate intermodal fleet.