This section highlights a number of legal advisory deal toys and showcases designs for Bar Association awards, client appreciation gifts, litigation team commemoratives, and successful judgment mementos.

Legal Advisory Tombstone

Custom Lucite marking legal advisory work in an investment in Utah-based Nu Skin, a provider of personal care products. The consortium of Chinese investors was led by Ping An, and advised by the firm of Paul Hastings.

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Legal Representation Tombstone

Lucite tombstone marking legal representation of Daylight Solutions in a stock issue.  The San Diego-based is a developer of molecular detection and imaging systems with applications in such areas as research, life sciences, and defense.

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Custom Litigation Commemorative

Custom commemorative marking a legal decision involving a manufacturer of carbon steel pipes.

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Law Firm Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone recognizing the legal advisory role of Benesch in the acquisition of Fidelity Voice and Data. Ohio-based Fidelity is a provider of cloud services including voice, security, and storage.

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Legal Advisory Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone commemorating Shearman & Sterling’s legal advisory role in the purchase of an interest in an office building portfolio. The stake in 11 New York City office properties was acquired by Norway’s Norges Bank.

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Litigation Commemorative

Lucite commemorative marking a successful litigation outcome.

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Antitrust Lucite Commemorative

Custom Lucite commemorating milestones in a antitrust action.

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Lucite Verdict Commemorative

Custom Lucite incorporating details of Superior Court decision from Orange County, California.

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Successful Verdict Commemorative

Lucite commemorative, featuring an embedded decision page, from a case in Alameda County, California.

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