This section highlights a number of legal advisory deal toys and showcases designs for Bar Association awards, client appreciation gifts, litigation team commemoratives, and successful judgment mementos.

Lucite Deal Gift Marking Client’s Bankruptcy Reorganization

Custom Lucite deal gift commemorating a legal client’s successful re-organization in bankruptcy. Get more law firm marketing ideas.

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Toyota Law Firm Deal Gift

Lucite deal gift commemorating legal work on behalf of client Toyota in its acquisition of Cascade Corporation.

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Custom Lucite Gift Commemorating Litigation

Custom Lucite containing news articles on successful verdicts in the intellectual property case of Brocade v. A10 Networks.

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Supreme Court Decision Lucite Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark case of United States vs. Windsor.

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Deal Toy commemorating Towers Watson Legal Work

Custom Lucite deal toy recognizing the legal work done on behalf of their client Towers Watson. Towers Watson was advised in its acquisition of Liazon Corporation.

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Tory Burch Legal Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the legal work done on behalf of its client, Tory Burch. The transaction involved the purchase of common and preferred interests.

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Legal Deal Toys

Beginning on this page, you’ll find over 60 deal toys and financial tombstones commemorating legal advisory work, as well as other transactions involving the legal field.

Many of the designs serve a dual purpose: to commemorate, reward, and promote law firm achievements internally; and to serve as custom gifts, and ongoing marketing tools, for clients. These “tombstones” recognize the advisory work of attorneys in deals ranging from mergers and acquisitions to joint ventures, to licensing agreements, patent awards, bankruptcy proceedings, and antitrust actions. They also celebrate the efforts of litigation teams in successful judgments and settlements granted by state and federal courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

You’ll also find here commemoratives recognizing other efforts and achievements. These include attorney participation in pro bono work, in programs fostering mentorship, leadership, and training, and Bar Association awards. Other pieces celebrate firmwide achievements such as the launch of a new office or practice, and recognition in a National Law Journal’s “Hot List”.

Finally, there are also deal toys included here that more broadly involve the business of law. These include a tombstone marking a strategic investment in an Oregon-based legal technology firm.