Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

These custom designs highlight deal toys within the healthcare space, but also include vial embedments for drug launches, and commemoratives for FDA approval milestones, therapeutic studies, in-human testing, and other industry landmarks.

Puzzle Piece-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Puzzle-themed deal toy marking the acquisition of behavioral health telemedicine firm JSA Health.

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Custom deal toy marking the acquisition by Soc Telemed, a psychiatric telemedicine provider, of JSA Health.

“Breakthrough”-Themed Crystal MedTech Award

Custom crystal “breakthrough”-themed presented within the MedTech industry.

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Lab Beaker-Themed Deal Toy

Custom Lucite deal toy commemorating the acquisition of San Diego-based Ultimate Labs, a testing laboratory for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and food industries.

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Custom deal toy recognizing the acquisition of Ultimate Labs by Colorado-based Infinity Laboratories, a chemical and microbiological contract laboratory.

Pet Care-Themed Crystal Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone marking the acquisition by Mars of veterinary care provider AniCura; and also commemorating the acquisition of veterinary services group Linnaeus.

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Custom deal toy, featuring pewter dog and cat miniatures, commemorating two transactions in the veterinary services sector by pet food manufacturer Mars Petcare.

Cannabis-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking the acquisition of two cannabis brands by SLANG Worldwide.

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Hand Sanitizer Bottle Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking the divestment of CCS Healthcare, the leading Nordic player in the hand hygiene and surface disinfectant product market.

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Treadmill-Themed Deal Toy

Treadmill-themed deal toy recognizing a growth recapitalization by Great Point Partners of Spine & Sport Physical Therapy. Spine & Sport provides physical therapy and rehabilitation services through 16 outpatient clinics in the San Diego area.

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Hospital Private Placement Tombstone

Crystal tombstone commemorating a private placement by the Cleveland Clinic, a London hospital.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Deal Toys

Deal toys in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space reflect a broad range of financial transactions. These deals involve an array of industry players, including drug companies, hospital chains, medtech firms, manufacturers of medical devices, developers of diagnostic equipment, senior living facilities, pharmacies, and testing laboratories, as well as healthcare-focused funds and venture capital firms.

The transactions themselves include mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, bond issues, financings, private placements, and early-stage funding rounds.

But also represented here are transactions more unique to the sector, such as drug licensing, royalty, and commercialization agreements.

The custom designs in these galleries also celebrate non-financial industry achievements and milestones. You will see here, for instance, commemoratives involving submissions and approvals from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), therapeutic studies, joint ventures, successful preclinical and in-human testing stages, and product launches.

These milestones can be commemorated with designs incorporating items unique to the specific event, achievement, or innovation being recognized. These design options include, for example, Lucite embedments of actual drug vials and medical devices.

You’ll also find here commemoratives for a variety of other sector-related events. These include custom awards and gifts honoring speakers and attendees at national and international health summits and medical conferences.