Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

These custom designs highlight deal toys within the healthcare space, but also include vial embedments for drug launches, and commemoratives for FDA approval milestones, therapeutic studies, in-human testing, and other industry landmarks.

Custom Lucite with Embedded Pills

Custom Lucite with embedded pills marking the acquisition by Peruvian pharmacy operator Mifarma of Albis Capital.  (6AGP86)

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Healthcare Provider Deal Toy

Lucite deal toy commemorating the sale by Advent International of its stake in CARE Hospitals, based in Hyderabad, India.

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Pill-Themed Financial Tombstone (Back View)

Back view of pill-themed financial tombstone marking the purchase of New Zealand Pharmaceuticals (NZD). The acquirer was Australian private equity firm Archer Capital.

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Pill-shaped Lucite tombstone commemorating the acquisition of New Zealand Pharmaceuticals by Sydney-based Archer Capital. NZD is a specialty chemicals manufacturer headquartered in Palmerston North.

Fitness-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Fitness-themed Lucite tombstone marking the acquisition of Cybex International, a manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment, including cardiovascular and strength products. Cybex is based in Medway, Massachusetts.

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McKesson Pill-Themed Deal Toy

Pill-themed deal toy marking related pharmaceutical and healthcare transactions involving McKesson and Celesio.

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Pill/Tablet-Themed Deal Toy

Pill/tablet themed deal toy marking the sale by Bayer Korea of the drug Mercilon.

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Commemorative For Research & Development Joint Venture

Lucite commemorative marking a research and development joint venture between Massachusetts-based CRISPR, and German drug company Bayer. The collaboration will center on CRISPR’s gene-editing technology, and focus on the treatment of conditions such as congenital heart disease, blood disorders, and blindness.

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Pharma Acqusition Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone marking the acquisition of Paris-based HRA Pharma. Goldman Sachs and private equity group Astorg were the purchasers.

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Cancer Treatment Collaboration Commemorative

Custom commemorative marking the global collaboration between Janssen Biotech and TESARO involving the treatment of prostate cancer, with a design incorporating a spinning heart.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Deal Toys

Deal toys in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space reflect a broad range of financial transactions. These deals involve an array of industry players, including drug companies, hospital chains, medtech firms, manufacturers of medical devices, developers of diagnostic equipment, senior living facilities, pharmacies, and testing laboratories, as well as healthcare-focused funds and venture capital firms.

The transactions themselves include mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, bond issues, financings, private placements, and early-stage funding rounds.

But also represented here are transactions more unique to the sector, such as drug licensing, royalty, and commercialization agreements.

The custom designs in these galleries also celebrate non-financial industry achievements and milestones. You will see here, for instance, commemoratives involving submissions and approvals from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), therapeutic studies, joint ventures, successful preclinical and in-human testing stages, and product launches.

These milestones can be commemorated with designs incorporating items unique to the specific event, achievement, or innovation being recognized. These design options include, for example, Lucite embedments of actual drug vials and medical devices.

You’ll also find here commemoratives for a variety of other sector-related events. These include custom awards and gifts honoring speakers and attendees at national and international health summits and medical conferences.