Real Estate Industry

These designs not only commemorate transactions in commercial and residential real estate, but also ribbon cutting ceremonies and openings, construction loans, groundbreakings, college building dedications, and REIT’s.

Custom Lucite Building Tombstone

Custom Lucite tombstone marking financing for Park La Brea in Los Angeles. The apartment complex is the largest on the West Coast.

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Landmark Hotel Sale Commemorative

Hotel commemorative marking the sale of the landmark Hotel de Anza. The hotel is located in San Jose, California.

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Property Portfolio Acquisition Tombstone

Acquisition tombstone involving a portfolio of 12 properties in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

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Construction Financing Deal Gift

Custom deal gift commemorating construction financing a redevelopment project in Brooklyn, New York. The plan calls for both residential and commercial use.

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Deal Gift for Commercial Property Sale

Deal gift marking the sale of an office and commercial property located in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Deal Gift for DreamWorks Corporate Campus Sale

Film-Themed deal gift commemorating the acquisition of DreamWorks Animation’s Headquarters and Studio Campus. The property is located in Glendale, California.

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Deal Gift for Apartment Complex Sale

Deal gift commemorating the sale of Eaves Carlsbad, a 450-unit apartment complex. The purchaser was Los Angeles-based real estate firm Decron Properties.

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Historic Building Commemorative

Lucite tombstone commemorating acquisition financing for Old Oakland, a group of historic Victorian buildings. The mixed-use properties are located in Oakland, California.

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Property Manager Deal Tombstone

Deal tombstone commemorating the acquisition of DEAS, a Danish property manager headquartered in Copenhagen. The acquirer was London-based Montagu Private Equity.

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