Real Estate Industry

These designs not only commemorate transactions in commercial and residential real estate, but also ribbon cutting ceremonies and openings, construction loans, groundbreakings, college building dedications, and REIT’s.

230 Park Avenue Pewter Building Commemorative

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Long-Term Lease Agreement Deal Gift

Lucite tombstone commemorating a long-term lease signed for the Pacific Tower in Seattle, Washington.

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Real Estate Tombstone Commemorating Joint Venture

Custom deal toy commemorating a joint venture in senior housing. The participants are real estate firm Calamar, and investment firm Mount Kellett.

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Blackstone Retail Property Deal Toy

Custom deal gift marking the acquisition by Blackstone of the Franciacorta Outlet Village Rodenegg Saiano. The retail village is located in the province of Brescia in southern Italy.

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Lucite Tombstone for Apartment Complex Financing

Deal toy commemorating the financing of Aliso Creek Apartments, a multi-family residential property located in Aliso Viejo, California.

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Real Estate Fund Closing Commemorative

Custom Lucite marking the closing of the Harrison Street Real Estate Partners IV. The fund focuses on real estate acquisition and development opportunities in the education, healthcare, and storage sectors.

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Real Estate Lucite

Custom Lucite commemorating notes issued by Soho House, a London-based private member’s club catering to the film and media industries. Imperial Capital served as sole book runner and manager of the issue.

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Intuit Long-Term Lease Deal Commemorative

Lucite deal toy marking a long-term lease agreement in downtown San Francisco entered into by Intuit. The deal was part of Intuit’s ongoing expansion effort.

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Lucite Tombstone for Ghirardelli Square Sale

Lucite deal gift marking the sale of Ghirardelli Square, a retail complex in San Francisco. The acquirer was Atlanta-based Jamestown Properties.

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Real Estate Industry Deal Toys

The financial tombstones and deal toys featured in the galleries beginning above reflect a range of transactions in the real estate sector. There are over 250 images in this section alone. You’ll find, for example, commemoratives marking the debt financing for an apartment complex, a purchase by a real estate investment trust (REIT), the acquisition of a commercial title company, construction financing for an office tower, and the sale of a developer of a property management platform.

You’ll also see deals involving a range of international properties and locales: the sale of a leasehold in a London hotel, bonds issued by a Kuwaiti developer, construction funding for a student housing complex in Denmark, redevelopment financing for historic buildings in Minneapolis, a joint venture investment in Japanese real estate, and a private placement for a Singapore-based REIT.

The deal toys shown here also represent a variety of materials and design techniques. There are pieces made of crystal, Lucite, wood, resin, and pewter. A number of the featured designs combine several of these materials.

Finally, you’ll also find here a number of more traditional awards and commemoratives related to the real estate space. These include a commemorative celebrating the 5th anniversary of a real estate management firm, another marking the 10th anniversary of an affordable housing partnership, a custom ribbon-cutting ceremony memento for a newly-constructed senior living facility, and a commemorative for breaking ground on a resort in Florida.