Technology & Communications

The deal toys shown here reflect technologies ranging from phones and laptops to robotics and fiber optics. You’ll also find custom commemorative designs for patent awards, licensing agreements, product launches, and user milestones.

Crystal Cybersecurity Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone marking the acquisition by French technology company the Thales Group of Gemalto, a Netherlands-based digital security firm.

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Crystal iPhone-Themed Deal Toy

Custom crystal deal toy marking Pizza Hut’s acquisition of QuikOrder, an online ordering service for restaurants.

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iPhone-themed financial tombstone commemorating the acquisition by Pizza Hut of QuikOrder. QuikOrder is an online ordering software service for restaurants.

Custom Crystal eCommerce Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone commemorating the acquisition of B2B eCommerce platform Handshake. Handshake was acquired by Ottawa-based eCommerce software firm Shopify.

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Engineering Software Crystal Tombstone

Custom crystal tombstone recognizing the acquisition by Rockwell Automation of Emualte3D, a developer of engineering software.

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Two-Transaction Software Deal Toy

Two-transaction prism deal toy recognizing two deals involving the Prometheus Group. The first was an acquisition of Solufy, an Ottawa-based developer of planning and scheduling; the second acquisition was of DataSplice, a provider of mobile applications for EAM systems, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Roller Coaster-Themed Custom Crystal

Roller coaster-themed custom crystal years-of-service award presented by Fixt. Baltimore-based Fixt provides on-demand set-up, repair, and replacement of devices.

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Police Car-Themed Deal Toy

Police car-themed deal toy marking the merger of Lexipol and Praetorian Digital. The resulting platform provides local government and public safety clients to policy and training materials.

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Police car-themed Lucite tombstone recognizing the merger of Praetorian Digital and Lexipol. The combined entity offers a training and education platform for local government and public safety personnel.

Zendesk Crystal Deal Toy with 3-D Etching

Custom crystal deal toy, featuring a 3-D internal etch, celebrating a public offering of convertible notes by Zendesk, the San Francisco-based software provider.

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Microphone-Themed Deal Toy

Microphone-themed deal toy marking an equity raising by call recording platform Dubber.

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Technology & Communications Deal Toys

This section features deal toys and financial tombstones from the technology and communications sectors. In the galleries beginning on this page, you’ll find images of over 250 designs made with a variety of materials including crystal, Lucite, pewter, resin, wood, and marble.

The deal toy designs themselves also play off a range of technological components, including computers, cell phones, circuit boards, and semiconductor wafers; they also highlight a number of disciplines, including robotics, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), building automation services (BAS), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and software asset management (SAM).

The transactions also feature some of most recognizable players and names in these sectors. These include Apple, Google, Cox Communications, SAP, Rockwell Automation, and Virgin Media.

But you’ll also encounter less familiar names and deals. These might include, for instance, the initial public offering of an Australian aerial mapping and geospatial technology company, the acquisition of a Florida-based developer of high-performance computational hardware and software, the acquisition of a California manufacturer of integrated circuits for the industrial Internet of things, and an institutional placement for a U.K.-based developer of technology for skin therapy and regeneration.

Finally, in addition to deal toys, you’ll also find pieces related to these sectors but not related to a financial transaction. These include, for example, a wafer-themed employee recognition award designed for a semiconductor firm, and custom awards celebrating such achievements as production launches and patent applications and grants.

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